Mergers & acquisitions

Key RIM considerations for a merger or acquisition – Part 1

Mergers and acquisitions present records managers with a unique set of challenges. The work begins well before the deal closes, during the discovery and due diligence processes. Once the deal is done, the massive job begins of onboarding and integrating record collections from the acquired organization. The upheaval of a merger or acquisition can also…Read More

Reader Favorites, July 2015: Our most popular records management resources

In this month’s roundup of our most popular RM resources, we take a look at a variety of records management and business issues. First, we address the loaded question of “RM software” and how to choose between the various options. We also have a white paper offering best practices for securing and protecting physical records.…Read More

A four-step approach to onboarding acquired file collections – Part Two

In last week’s blog post we began to outline a proven methodology for onboarding records from a merger or acquisition. As we saw, a big part of the process involves getting a handle on the scope and nature of the incoming collections. To do this, we recommended looking at: The overall records landscape: How many…Read More

A four-step approach to onboarding acquired file collections – Part One

Corporate transactions create a lot of work for records management teams. For example, as a deal comes together, we are often asked to make records available for the discovery process. This can involve setting up temporary records rooms to facilitate reviews of key documents by the acquiring party. The work really begins once the deals…Read More

4 Steps to Solving the Records Management Challenges of Mergers and Acquisitions

After a merger or acquisition, consolidating file collections becomes a necessary but resource-intensive proposition for records managers. If it isn’t done right, it can have a negative impact on your organization’s ability to operate. When your organization acquires new business assets and operations, it inherits all the records that support those assets and operations. You…Read More