Reader Favorites MAY 2017: Our Most Popular RIM Resources

Our latest roundup of popular resources starts with a  seven tips for developing a functional classification system. We also have a guide to managing paper and electronic files in the hybrid environment, and a guide to helping you add value to the organization during difficult economic times.

1. 7 Tips for Developing and Applying a Functional Classification System

Functional Classification

Functional classification is one of the essential building blocks of an effective records management program.

But what exactly is functional classification and how do you make it work for your organization?

This guide provides the answers. You will learn how to:

  • Classify your records the right way
  • Determine which records need to be retained and which do not
  • Apply the functional classification to your collection
  • Use retention schedules alongside your functional classification
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2. Tips for Managing Electronic and Paper Files in the Hybrid Environment

manage paper and electronic records together in the hybrid environment

Many organizations are seeing growth in both electronic and physical records, creating a “two-headed beast” known as the hybrid records environment.

If you are struggling to manage paper and electronic records together, this white paper is a great place to start. It offers several tried-and-true techniques for seamlessly managing electronic and physical records in the same environment.

Download the white paper >


3. TAB Guide: How to Add Value During a Downturn

Records Management in downturn economy

If your organization has been affected by an economic downturn, you could be facing budget constraints, increased regulations and potential merger or acquisition activity. This resource outlines some of the many ways that records management programs can support the organization during tough times.

These include:

  • Reducing your costs
  • Meeting accountability and compliance requirements
  • Maintaining business continuity and managing risk.
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