Best Practices for Document Scanning in the Energy Industry – Part 1

For energy companies, document imaging offers a number of potential benefits, including greater operational efficiency, improved risk management and streamlined acquisitions and divestitures. However, document imaging projects in the energy industry come with unique challenges that organizations in other industries don’t have to contend with. TAB has been fortunate to work with dozens of energy companies over the years so we understand these unique challenges. In a two-part blog post we will share what we have learned, offering nine best practices to help make your energy imaging project a success.Read More

Records management best practices for acquisitions and divestitures

When an organization buys or sells a corporate entity, the records involved pose a number of unique challenges for records managers. For example, how do you make records available during the due diligence phase? How do you incorporate the records of the acquired company, or prepare records for hand off to the buyer?Read More

Solving the challenges of energy records management: 6 best practices

We know the energy industry can throw plenty of curve balls at records managers. In this post, we look at several best practices to help you overcome the most common challenges in energy records management. Use these as a checklist to compare your current practices and to identify opportunities to improve your records management program.Read More

Managing energy records isn’t easy! Four challenging trends.

There are probably no industries more challenging to be a records manager today than in the energy industry! We have seen this first hand and also have been fortunate to have an opportunity to help our clients solve these challenges with RM fundamentals and innovative RM solutions. Read this post (first of a two-part post), where we address some of the trends that are making energy records so difficult to manage.Read More

How to Integrate Files from Acquisitions and Divestitures

Acquisitions and divestitures are an important part of business, especially in the energy sector, but merging different file collections can be a huge challenge for records managers. When one leading energy company found itself making up to 100 acquisitions a year, the task of merging thousands of new files from different organizations was enormous, and the company’s system for well and lease files was being pushed to its limits.Read More