A two-pronged approach to better local government records management

Of all the environments in which we have helped organizations meet their RM goals, few are as challenging as local and regional governments. One of the things that makes municipal RM so difficult is the sheer variety in record types and formats. These include financial, water, waste, public transit, police and emergency, public health, and social services records. This aspect alone makes municipal RM a huge challenge – but there’s more!Read More

Top Records and Information Management Blogs – Part 4

April 2014 is Records and Information Management Month. In honor of that, TAB is publishing a four-part series on the top blogs in records and information management. On the final day of RIM month, we look at the best regional RIM blogs and the top RIM blogs from the U.S. federal government.Read More

Property and evidence management requires a foundation in RM

In law enforcement agencies, property and evidence (P&E) management is a critical function that supports key investigative and legal processes. P&E management also happens to be one of the more challenging functions in law enforcement. To start with, property can be just about anything, including weapons, cars, drugs, photographs and documents. This poses difficulties for the storage, organization and tracking of items. Then there is the fact that property can be admitted in both physical and electronic form, which compounds the management challenge.Read More

U.S. Federal Agencies Continue to Struggle with Records Management

U.S federal agencies continue to struggle with properly managing their records, and the changing nature and technology of 21st-century record-keeping could throw a further wrench in the process, according to a story from FederalNewsRadio.com on the recently released annual report from the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). Here’s a quick summary of the key findings from the NARA report.Read More