Color-coding (Part 4): Preventing privacy and security issues

In a four-part blog series, we have been exploring the many uses and benefits of color coding, including reducing operational downtime and lowering compliance risk. In our final post, we show how color coding can be used to help organizations limit unwanted access to files and preserve the privacy and confidentiality of sensitive records.Read More

RIM in the age of legal discovery part 1
RIM in the age of discovery: Strategies for litigation-proofing your organization’s information – Part 1

Part 1: How to build a RIM program that addresses legal discovery before it happens This two-part white paper presents strategies for better supporting discovery at the proactive and reactive stages. Part 1 outlines six essential steps for integrating discovery requirements directly into your RIM program, including policies, records retention schedules, disposition processes and filing […]Read More

Top Records and Information Management Blogs – Part 2

April 2014 is Records and Information Management Month. In honor of that, TAB is publishing a four-part series on the top blogs in records and information management. This week we look at the best blogs covering RIM from the standpoint of content management, legal issues and technology.Read More

Cloud records storage: solving the challenges of privacy and security

In this post, which is Part 3 of our Cloud Records Storage series, we focus on another tricky aspect of cloud records storage which is the challenges of privacy and security. Cloud privacy is receiving a lot of attention from lawmakers around the world as they introduce legislation to minimize consumer risk. Records Managers simply haven’t had to face these types of security and privacy challenges before, and unfortunately there seems to be more questions than answers. As you weigh the possibility of storing records in the cloud, there are some steps you can take to get answers, and to minimize privacy and security risks.Read More