Top Records and Information Management Blogs – Part 2

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April 2014 is Records and Information Management Month. In honor of that, TAB is publishing a four-part series on the top blogs in records and information management. This week we look at the best blogs covering RIM from the standpoint of content management, legal issues and technology.

When we look at the top records management blogs, it becomes clear what a huge challenge it is to be a records manager these days. We face so many complex issues that records managers didn’t have to consider five years ago, let alone 10 or 20. These issues include electronic records, cloud storage, the hybrid environment, legal and compliance, and emerging RIM technologies.

Our second installment of the best RIM blogs tackles these issues head on, offering a bumper crop of blogs in the fields of ECM, digital records, legal, and technology. With change being the only constant in these areas, the following blogs are an important source of the latest thinking and real-world experiences.

Best blogs for Content Management, ECM, Digital Records & Archiving

  • CMS Report, covering content management systems and their application.
  • Column Two, an intranet specialist firm covering content management systems.
  • Word of Pie, a content management blog from the former CIO of AIIM.
  • Another DAM Blog, a humorously named blog about digital asset management.
  • ArchivesNext, covering issues relating to physical and digital archives.
  • The Schedule, a records management and archives blog.
  • Bex Huff, covering content management systems.

Legal, Technology and e-Discovery Blogs

Top Blog Highlight:

Unstructured Data: Three Tips for Mitigating Legal Risk
By Gabriella Khorasanee, FindLaw

In this post, Gabriella looks at the incredible growth in unstructured data within corporations, and outlines a three-pronged approach to getting it under control.

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