Storage systems

Paper is the number one culprit when it comes to a disorganized office
Mobile storage & the organized office

Let’s face it. Organizing and managing paper can be a huge challenge for any company, large or small. What if you could get on top of the paper game once and for all, and set up a system to keep your office organized going forward? Luckily, TAB has a solution that can improve space usage […]Read More

Real-world space solutions: how one organization increased storage capacity by 30%

Over the years, the team at TAB has seen many admirable feats of storage maximizing. You know the ones. Shelves from floor to ceiling. Staff squeezing themselves along narrow aisles. Spillover files kept in boxes that cover every available square inch of floor space, hall space, etc. Admirable, but far from ideal! With no option of expanding the storage space, many file room managers simply accept the overcrowded status quo. This doesn’t have to be the case.Read More

Four reasons to consider a centralized filing system

To centralize or not to centralize? It is one of the most common questions in records management. While physically separate file collections can create extra work in terms of management and file retrieval, many records managers are reluctant to adopt a centralized system. Not only does it require a lot of work, it also has the potential to disrupt business activities. Despite these real and potential drawbacks, the benefits of a centralized file storage solution often outweigh the downsides.Read More

rolling file storage, high-density mobile shelving storage system
How to improve the efficiency of your physical records storage – Part 2

In a two-part post we have been looking at strategies to improve the efficiency of your physical records storage. In part one we assessed your organization’s current and future needs. In part two we will examine your organization’s existing resources, and discuss the factors to consider when determining what to spend on any physical storage […]Read More