Storage systems

How We Helped Malcom X Get Better at Records Management

Malcolm X College of Chicago (MXC) has a historical records collection including tens of thousands of documents going back to 1911. This critical information had always been housed in a massive storage room full of dusty boxes where staff often spent hours looking for a single record. It was clear to the new registrar that the organization needed a records management strategy for these vital documents.Read More

Lockers checklist: narrowing down your options

As one of the most customizable types of storage out there, lockers come in a variety of sizes, shapes, styles, colors and materials with practically limitless configurations. With all of these options available, where do you start? Download our free printable checklist » We’ve put together a (nearly) comprehensive list to help you narrow down […]Read More

Brighterside Vertical Farms - High-density vertical rack for indoor vegetable farm
Vertical farming: What is it and how mobile storage can help

Photo courtesy of Brighterside Vertical Farms. Vertical farming is the practice of producing food indoors on vertically inclined surfaces. By controlling light, temperature, water and often times carbon dioxide, vertical farmers are able to grow vegetables year-round in vertically stacked layers supporting leafy greens or vertical plant walls for larger fruiting plants. As opposed to […]Read More

Three things to consider about medical storage

It’s an important time to re-examine your medical equipment storage. Amidst a need for additional patient rooms and beds are rising real estate costs (hospitals account for over $1 trillion1 in owned property), an increased need for secure storage and storage requests that are unique to the healthcare industry. We’ll take you through three things […]Read More