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As one of the most customizable types of storage out there, lockers come in a variety of sizes, shapes, styles, colors and materials with practically limitless configurations. With all of these options available, where do you start?

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We’ve put together a (nearly) comprehensive list to help you narrow down what type of lockers would fit your needs, style and budget. By reviewing this list and nailing down your preferences, going through the quoting process with your locker vendor will be much easier.


Typically lockers are made of metal but they can also be made from materials including wood, plastic and laminate. If you’re worried about cost, usually the material has less to do with it than the way the locker is constructed.

Depending on the type of material you choose, lockers come in a variety of color and finish preferences.

 Metal – color preference: __________

 Wood – finish preference: __________

 Plastic – color preference: __________

 Laminate – finish preference: __________


The style of locker that fits your need best depends heavily on the type of material you choose but also what you’ll be using it for and how much storage you’ll need.

Locker styles include tiered (often used in locker rooms), open access (for military, police and fire gear storage) and antimicrobial (great for healthcare facilities).

 Tiered lockers
 Vented metal
 Clear door front
 Open access
 Antimicrobial
 Day use lockers
 Door style (plain, louvered, perforated, [single or double])


Lockers don’t really follow a one-size fits all rule and the amount of sizes available allows you to customize them to your needs. However, there are typical standards that many buyers follow.

— Height (72″, 76″ or 84″)

 Half-size (often used for children): __________”

 Full-size: __________”

— Width (12” to 48″) : __________”
— Depth (12″ to 24″): __________”
— # of tiers (if necessary): __________”

Locker base

There are a couple of options for locker bases. The closed front base is used on lockers with legs to close off the area beneath for easy cleaning and to create a finished appearance. If you’re looking for a less expensive option, the exposed leg base may fit your needs.

 Closed front base
 Exposed leg base

Locker top

There are also multiple options for the top of your locker. What you choose can be decided by a combination of looks and functionality.

Slope tops are often used instead of flat tops to prevent the accumulation of dust and debris, and to discourage the use of locker tops for storage. Vented tops are used when extra air-flow is needed, often in athletic settings like locker rooms.

 Slope top
 Flat top
 Vented top

Locker Security

If you’re looking for a secure locker, there are no wrong answers. Typical locks include combination locks, key locks and hasps that allow users to bring their own locks.

A rising trend with lockers is the installation of smart locks which can be bluetooth enabled and unlocked with a phone app or finger print.

 Combination lock
 Key lock
 Hasp with padlock
 Keypad entry
 Smart lock

Locker Accessories

To finish off your lockers, look through the list of optional accessories. Lockers are highly customizable and can include a number of components to fit your needs.

It’s also important to decide if you want your lockers pre-assembled or if you’d like to cut back on costs and assemble them on your own.

 Compartment shelf(ves)
 Benches (stand alone or attached)
 Number plate
 Internal drawer (with or without lock)
 Internal lock box
 Side hooks
 Garment rod/bar
 Mirror
 Recessed door pocket – document/report holder
 Pre-assembled

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