How We Helped Malcom X Get Better at Records Management

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Malcolm X College of Chicago (MXC) has a historical records collection including tens of thousands of documents going back to 1911. This critical information had always been housed in a massive storage room full of dusty boxes where staff often spent hours looking for a single record. It was clear to the new registrar that the organization needed a records management strategy for these vital documents.

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The organization’s plan was a physical conversion of those records, but after consulting with TAB, a hybrid solution emerged as the better option. It would allow the college to track physical and electronic records, and also lay the groundwork for its future goal of an entirely electronic environment.

1.0 Sorting through the records

MXC had only a rough estimate of how many records existed in the collection—they needed a precise tally using cubic filing measurements. With that information, they determined the amount of supplies needed, how much shelving space was required, and how many team members would be needed to complete the job on time.

2.0 Scrubbing the information

It was important that only essential files be converted to the new hybrid system. The team discovered that existing file information was incomplete; when it was located, a uniform labeling process was created to ensure all files contained the same information. That uniformity would speed up retrieval time for college staff.

3.0 Converting for more space

The school needed to maximize existing storage space and create a pleasant environment for file room staff, and they wanted all changes to be environmentally sensitive, so they:

4.0 Managing the hybrid environment

The hybrid environment was made even more efficient with TAB FusionRMS—the software allowed employees to:

  • Digitize and track physical files
  • Manage student grades and transcripts
  • Locate and retrieve files
  • Digitally import records as they were submitted

After the conversion process, the college’s file room had enough space for all student records, as well as room for other departments to store their records.

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