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How We Helped Malcom X Get Better at Records Management

Malcolm X College of Chicago (MXC) has a historical records collection including tens of thousands of documents going back to 1911. This critical information had always been housed in a massive storage room full of dusty boxes where staff often spent hours looking for a single record. It was clear to the new registrar that the organization needed a records management strategy for these vital documents.Read More

Lockers checklist: narrowing down your options

As one of the most customizable types of storage out there, lockers come in a variety of sizes, shapes, styles, colors and materials with practically limitless configurations. With all of these options available, where do you start? Download our free printable checklist » We’ve put together a (nearly) comprehensive list to help you narrow down […]Read More

Color-coding (Part 4): Preventing privacy and security issues

In a four-part blog series, we have been exploring the many uses and benefits of color coding, including reducing operational downtime and lowering compliance risk. In our final post, we show how color coding can be used to help organizations limit unwanted access to files and preserve the privacy and confidentiality of sensitive records.Read More

Filing System Blog
Filing Systems: The five components to success, part 2

This blog series highlights the components of a successful physical filing system. In part one, we introduced the concept of a complete filing system and took a look at the first three components, including storage equipment, container and coding. Now we dive into the final two components by highlighting helpful file management tools and the […]Read More

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