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Shopping around for RM software? Technical questions you need to ask – Part One

When evaluating an RM software solution, it is essential to look beyond the features and benefits to understand the technical aspects of the solution. If a solution doesn’t work from a tech standpoint – then it simply doesn’t work! In the first of a two-part blog post, we’ll share some of the most important technical questions to consider as you evaluate a potential RM software solution.Read More

Before you scan: a readiness checklist for document imaging projects

As we covered in a recent post, it is important to be clear on your objectives before undertaking a document imaging project. This means understanding the desired business outcomes, your user requirements and the metrics that you will use to gauge success. While this is an important first step, there is a lot more to consider before you can roll up your sleeves to tackle an imaging project. Based on our experience with thousands of imaging projects, this checklist will ensure that you have all the essential pieces in place before you get started.Read More

metrics to measure the success of records and information management programs
How to measure the success of records management software

In this last post of a 3-part series on the role of how metrics can demonstrate the value of RM, we cover three things that every organization should monitor if they are using an Electronic Document and Records Management System (EDRMS). Read this post to find out the importance of measuring your EDRMS System Performance, the Usage of your EDRMS System, and how to take advantage of Busines Intelligence to address any gaps to help you optimize your EDRMS.Read More

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