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What to look for in a mobile storage solution

Mobile shelving comes in many different styles with plenty of options to choose from. This is great for records managers because it allows them to create the solution that is specifically tailored to their requirements, room configurations and budgets. However, if you are new to mobile shelving, the range of choices can make it difficult to know where to start. To cut through the confusion and help you find the right solution for your filing needs, this blog outlines three key things to look for in a mobile shelving solution.Read More

Digital transformation project
9 steps to a successful digitization project

TAB has conducted countless successful digitization initiatives and has refined the process to ensure optimal outcomes for our clients. This infographic share nine essential steps for a successful digitization project – from the very beginning to the ongoing scanning. Download our white paper for more information on how to plan a successful imaging project » […]Read More

RM outsourcing: what to look for in the team assigned to your records

In a two-part blog post we are exploring the benefits and business case of records management outsourcing. In last week’s blog post we looked at the business benefits delivered by outsourcing the management of your active file rooms. These included, cost savings, increased revenue, and process efficiencies. Today, we discuss the top three things you should be looking for in the team that will be managing your records.Read More

Go digital computer
Six things you need to address for a successful digital transformation (Part 2)

In part one of this two-part post, we discussed the important roles that planning, people, and digitization play in the success of your digital transformation. In part two,  we will take this a step further and explore how information management, process optimization, and systems and technology impact the success of your digital transformation. Lessons from […]Read More

digital transformation pilot
Six things you need to address for a successful digital transformation (Part 1)

Migrating to electronic business processes? Scanning your record collections?    Whatever the next phase of your digital transformation looks like, there are a number of important elements to consider. To help you prepare for the next stage of your journey, here we outline three of six key elements of a successful digital transformation. When planning […]Read More

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