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Filing Systems: The five components to success, part 1

This blog series highlights the components of a successful physical filing system. In part one we’ll introduce the concept of a complete filing system and take a look at the first three components, including storage equipment, containers and coding. Later, in part 2, we’ll look at the final two components which are file management tools […]Read More

Brighterside Vertical Farms - High-density vertical rack for indoor vegetable farm
Vertical farming: What is it and how mobile storage can help

Photo courtesy of Brighterside Vertical Farms. Vertical farming is the practice of producing food indoors on vertically inclined surfaces. By controlling light, temperature, water and often times carbon dioxide, vertical farmers are able to grow vegetables year-round in vertically stacked layers supporting leafy greens or vertical plant walls for larger fruiting plants. As opposed to […]Read More

Color-coding (Part 2): A simple way to avoid costly problems

In a four-part blog series, we are turning our attentions to color coding, a simple and highly effective records management technique. In this second post we’ll look beyond the obvious and immediate benefits of color coding. As we’ll see, it can help avoid some potentially serious consequences, such as operational downtime, lost business opportunities, and legal sanctions.Read More

Three things to consider about medical storage

It’s an important time to re-examine your medical equipment storage. Amidst a need for additional patient rooms and beds are rising real estate costs (hospitals account for over $1 trillion1 in owned property), an increased need for secure storage and storage requests that are unique to the healthcare industry. We’ll take you through three things […]Read More

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