What are the Best Records Management Resources?

List of Best Records Management Resources

For over 20 years, the University of Florida has hosted a vibrant email discussion forum for records managers under the ListServ name “RECMGMT-L”. (For readers not familiar with ListServ, it is a topic-based discussion tool in which members can create, receive and reply to discussions over email.) Free to join, and with over 2500 subscribers, the University of Florida records management list is a great place to go for helpful advice on all things RM and to learn from the experiences of fellow records management professionals.

As regular contributors to this list over the years, the team here at TAB always appreciates the discussion and insights from our colleagues around the world. A recent discussion thread has brought to light a particularly helpful resource for records managers everywhere.

The “100 Best Records Management Resources on the Web”

Members of a UK-based RM discussion group recently collaborated to develop a list of the most helpful online resources for records managers. Now posted to the University of Florida RM list, the thorough compilation of records management resources is impressive indeed and covers a wide range of relevant topics, including:

While TAB was pleased to see one of our resources make it into the list, our Mergers and Acquisitions Toolkit, the most exciting part is seeing the enthusiasm of records managers to increase awareness of RM and to work together to improve RM practices.

We would welcome your thoughts on the list. Would you add anything? Feel free to reply to this blog, or perhaps we’ll see you in the RECMGMT lists sometime soon!

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