Best of 2016 Part 3: The Year’s Top RM Guides

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Today, we continue our four-part blog post looking at the top records management resources of 2016.

So far we have covered the year’s top case studies and white papers. These covered a range of hot topics, including file acquisitions, space optimization and records management outsourcing, metadata, mergers and acquisitions, and managing electronic and paper records in the hybrid environment.

Today, we bring you the most popular records management guides of 2016. These practical tools cover the following common issues: document imaging planning and budgeting, and mergers and acquisitions.

1. The Records Management Playbook for Mergers and Acquisitions

The Records Management Playbook for Mergers and Acquisitions

Large corporate deals tick every single box for a challenging records management project.

Our playbook for mergers and acquisitions will help you get it right. It outlines exactly what you need to do at different phases of the transaction. It includes tips and best practices based on our experience with a wide range of corporate deals.

Download the playbook >


2. A Best Practice Template for Your Document Imaging Plan

imaging best practices

Every successful document imaging project starts with a comprehensive plan.

This template provides a framework to help you build out your own imaging plan. Packed with tips and guidance on how to complete each section, the template helps ensure that you don’t overlook anything, and that you have considered all of the key decisions before you embark on your project.

Whether you are focused right now on securing budget, communicating to key stakeholders, or simply capturing your initial project ideas, this template is a great place to start.

Download the template >


3. Budgeting Your Imaging Project: Six Overlooked Cost Factors

document imaging or scanning project budget

Document imaging projects tend to be large and complex, with many moving parts. This makes them very difficult to budget for. How do you accurately predict timing and costs?

If you are planning a document imaging project, this guide can help. It explains six commonly overlooked cost factors that can drive up the cost of your project. The guide will help ensure that your plan stays on track and that you keep your costs in check!

Download the guide >

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