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The most popular RIM resources this month cover document imaging, metadata and RIM ROI.

Why, what and how: three questions to answer before embarking on a document imaging project

This guide was prepared to help representatives from lines of business, operations, IT and records management in the early planning stages of a document imaging project.

Whether you are new to document imaging, or simply want to validate your initial plans against industry best practices, this guide can help.

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White paper: How metadata works in records management

White paper: How metadata works in records management

Metadata is a hot topic in today’s records management environment and it’s no wonder given how it can provide a highly efficient way to manage and locate records. When combined with existing RIM practices, metadata can greatly improve how you search for and retrieve all of your physical and electronic records.

In this white paper, we explore how metadata can work with your existing RIM practices to improve overall efficiency.

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Guide: Demonstrating ROI for RIM programs

Guide: Demonstrating ROI for RIM programs

This guide provides strategies for demonstrating the ROI of records management in terms of hard- and soft-dollar revenue flows, reduced risk and improved long-term profitability and efficiency.

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