Three Handy Resources for Imaging and Electronic Records Management

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A few weeks back we looked a list of the Top 100 records management resources on the web, which was recently compiled by members of a UK-based RM discussion group.

Following up on that, this week’s post brings you some more helpful RM resources courtesy of the experts here at TAB, who are always working hard to share their expertise with our valued customers and colleagues.

Plenty to do in the area of electronic RM

In recent months, our most popular resources and guides have all been related to electronic records management. This is an area that poses plenty of challenges for records managers – as the popularity of these recent resources suggests!

Whether it’s converting paper records into digital formats, or determining the best strategy for managing the growing volumes of electronic records, these resources offer practical steps you can take to put the best solutions in place.

1. Imaging Guide: How to Plan Your Document Conversion

As we discussed in a recent post, way too many document conversion projects fail, and there are plenty of avoidable reasons for that. If you are considering an imaging project to convert your paper records into electronic records formats, you can dramatically increase your chances for success with a disciplined approach to planning. Download our free guide, How to Plan A Document Conversion to find out the essential steps to make sure your document conversion project is a success.

2. The Real Cost of Imaging: Do-It-Yourself vs. Outsourcing

When looking at document conversion project, this question is so important that it deserves special mention. To complement the planning steps outlined in our first guide, this resource provides practical guidance on determining whether to handle your imaging project in-house or to consider an outside imaging provider. You’ll get a complete overview of the various costs to consider under each approach, and more importantly, you’ll get the certainty that you are making the best choice for your organization and RM needs. You can download the guide to in-house vs. outsourced imaging here.

3. Meeting Records Management Requirements in the Electronic World

Even for organizations that have aggressively pursued imaging programs, the reality is that paper records persist, and likely will for quite some time. This leaves records managers trying to balance the “hybrid environment” of paper and digital formats, which isn’t an easy task. The trick is to learn how to effectively apply records management best practices and tools that work in the hybrid environment. Our free white paper, meeting records management requirements in the electronic world provides guidance to help you do just that.

Have you come across any additional helpful RM resources? Share them with us in the comments section!

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