Video: Reducing File Volume with Imaging and Automation

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Imagine reducing your physical inactive records volume by 40 percent? Or being able to get rid of 50 percent of your admin files? In this short video, Courtney Bowens, Director of Operations for The Retina Group walks you through how TAB helped her team do just that.

As a medical practice with 20 doctors and 11 locations, The Retina Group was holding on to huge amount of medical charts and records. When they made the switch to an Electronic Medical Record system, they saw an opportunity to address their overall storage picture.

TAB helped The Retina Group sort through and catalog over 160,000 files, using document imaging, TAB FusionRMS records management software and classification best practices. This meant The Retina Group was able to significantly reduce the amount of files they were storing, creating room to bring all of their active records in house and eliminating the need for offsite storage.

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