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The rate of change in records management as a discipline is getting faster and faster every year. New challenges, especially around electronic records, are continually emerging. Old challenges, like space management, are becoming more acute as economic pressures increase.

So how do you, cope with this ever-changing landscape? The answer is information–the right kind at the right time.

This blog is TAB’s response to the information needs of organizations that want to do a better job of managing their business information.

Our goal is to bring you records management tips, best practices and news in a medium that everyone can access as needed.

You’ll find information on records management topics like records retention, managing the hybrid records environment, records classification, document conversion and imaging, records storage, file tracking software and much more.

We’d also like to encourage our readers to use this forum as a chance to participate—so go ahead and comment on what you see, or better yet, get in touch if you have an idea for a records management blog post!

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