How to Deal with a Never-ending Stream of Energy Records – Part 2

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In last week’s blog post, we discussed the challenge faced by Laramie Energy in dealing with a continual influx of records from acquisitions.

Laramie Energy’s goal was to develop a records management system that would allow it to hit the ground running as soon as a new acquisition was closed. After a thorough vendor search, Laramie Energy choose TAB FusionRMS records management software as the platform on which to develop their system.

In this week’s post, we continue the story, focusing on the steps they took and the key success factors in creating a winning system.

Designing A Better Physical Records Intake Process

TAB’s consultants worked with the Land Administration team to design an intake process that would make incorporating new collections as simple and efficient as possible. This involved close consultations with key stakeholders and end user representatives in order to create the right workflow from opening a new box to getting the information into the field. The end result was a file room and records management structure that can handle a large volume of files, organize physical and digital files quickly, and then quickly get that information to the people that need it.

Accommodating Electronic Records

Going paperless was another future goal for Laramie Energy, and they chose FusionRMS because it provided a layer of direct records management capabilities not found in any other type of software. Laramie Energy made a direct functionality comparison between FusionRMS and its existing in-house accounting system. The required functionality included a document imaging system, document flows and a few other applications. FusionRMS came out ahead, particularly in terms of metadata functionality and chain- of-custody transparency. “We needed our software to do the RM part of the imaging process, particularly as we are trying to get to paperless”, Linda stated.

Seamless Integration with the Land Management System

For Linda and her team, it was a major plus that TAB FusionRMS integrated seamlessly with the Excalibur Land Management System. Why? When they execute a new lease or drill a well, several documents originate out of the land management system, and those activities and service datasheets become records that need to be retained. So they wanted to avoid duplication and ensure that there would be a fluid interface between FusionRMS, particularly in terms of specifics like naming convention, search criteria, metadata and so on.

And as Linda points out, “We knew that if we could make the interface seamless, it would really help with user adoption.”

Ongoing: Managing the Change

Linda and her team have now realized their vision for a records management system – and it is paying off. “It’s working for us.” says Linda, “Intakes are easier now. From the moment a new box is open, immediately we know where things are and where they need to go.”

Laramie Energy is currently using the system to handle the all-important surface agreements and get them out to all company offices. The next step is to roll out the system to handle all internal documents as well.

Next Steps

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