One of America's largest retail banks

One of America’s largest retail banks re-signs with TAB to upgrade to FusionRMS v10

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TAB is pleased to announce that a large American retail bank with over 2 million paper records has upgraded from TAB FusionRMS v9.3 to v10.

The bank has been using FusionRMS to track several databases of servicing and custodial records throughout the organization.  Upgrading to v10 helps the bank further optimize loan management processes, specifically the lifecycle management of physical records. FusionRMS v10 helps automate the management of active loans, reducing redundant and inefficient steps in the recordkeeping process. The bank is also able to eliminate secondary record collection and identification systems by handling these functions within the FusionRMS v10 system. This move helps mitigate risk by improving accountability and chain-of-custody for loan records.

The net impact of FusionRMS v10 is to increase the level of automation, reduce error-prone manual work, and increase the bank’s loan processing capacity, leading to increased profitability and efficiency.


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