Getting to paperlite: Insights from our recent webinar – Part Two

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In last week’s blog post we shared some of the general questions that came up during our recent webinar, Getting to Paperlite. In the first round of Q&A, we learned about the importance of RIM fundamentals and talked about how to make the business case for paperlite.

This week we focus on questions about the use of EDRMS software as tool for going paperlite. As we discussed in the webinar, software can play a very important role in reducing paper records. Some of the ways it does this is by supporting your imaging efforts and by automatically identifying any paper records that are eligible for disposition or destruction. In the following questions, our webinar attendees also had a number of questions specifically about our own EDRMS solution, TAB FusionRMS.

Q: How do you track physical documents in an EDRMS?

A: Metadata allows physical records to be tracked and located in the exact same way as electronic records. Thus, you get the simplicity of having one system to manage both kinds of records.

Q: How do I ensure that scanned documents will be findable with full text search? Are there any special technical requirements in terms of OCR settings, minimum DPI, etc.?

A: There are no special requirements when it comes to technical specifications like Optical Character Recognition. When an imaged document is added to TAB FusionRMS it is automatically OCR’d, so our software does the work for you.

Q: Does TAB FusionRMS work with SharePoint™?

A: TAB FusionRMS most definitely integrates with SharePoint. TAB FusionRMS is an add-on to SharePoint, or a plug-in. It replaces the SharePoint Records Center, and is accessed directly through a client’s SharePoint site. Integration is fairly simple and straightforward.

Q: How do you set up access requirements when the records need to be controlled?

A: There are two parts to this answer. Firstly, when we go through the implementation process with our clients, we ask for their security requirements and then configure the software accordingly. Then, as part of our training process, we show the administrators of the software how to make changes and modifications to the security.

Q: We are having trouble moving to electronic records due to the fact that we have documents that need to be kept for legal purposes. How can FusionRMS “certify” that the paper documents we upload into an electronic version will hold up in court?

A: No EDRMS system can certify this; it is up to each organization to ensure that it keeps the correct format of a record per the legal requirements.

Q: Does TAB FusionRMS conform to the industry standards and legislative requirements, or do we need to do the research ourselves?

A: We haven’t seen a case yet in which TAB FusionRMS does not meet applicable standards. We are happy to work with a client to confirm that FusionRMS conforms to any unique requirements that may apply to their particular industry.

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