Five reasons to consider records management outsourcing

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In a two-part blog post we will be exploring the business case and benefits of records management outsourcing.

But what do we mean by records management outsourcing?

In this particular case we are talking about the outsourcing of active file management. Rather than maintaining one or more file rooms “in-house” (often in expensive city-center locations), outsourcing involves transferring your files to an offsite records center managed by a records management service provider.

In a secure records center, files are stored, retrieved and managed by experienced knowledge workers who deliver files to your workplace as needed, re-filing them on their return.

In some outsourcing models, providers such as TAB can also offer a scan-on-demand service in which requested documents are scanned and sent to the requestor electronically. This speeds up workflows and builds a convenient electronic repository for your documents, which can reduce your storage footprint and costs.

What’s in it for you?

Here are the top five reasons that organizations are turning to this proven model:

  1. Cost Savings
    When outsourcing to a records management partner, you only pay for the work that is done. Providers must continually invest in their core processes and are able to provide services more efficiently and with less labor, resulting in lower costs for your organization.
  1. Process Excellence and Expertise
    Records management is not a core business for most companies, but it is the core competency for the right outsourcing partner. A provider invests in the resources necessary to achieve a much higher level of expertise resulting in improved quality, efficiency and turnaround time.
  1. Innovation
    Working with a provider gives organizations access to subject matter advisors, as well as the latest in records management process and technology resources. A good partner will stay up-to-date on best business practices and innovations in order to continuously improve your processes.
  1. Revenue Generation
    When an organization is about to leverage a provider to help improve factors like overall quality, efficiency and turnaround time, this means that they can increase customer satisfaction, perform better in current markets and deliver faster in new markets, which ultimately drives top-line growth.
  1. Increased Business Focus
    When an organization turns to an outside provider to handle records management processes, it allows them to focus time and talent on their core business.

Another benefit of working with an outsourced provider is the experienced knowledge workers assigned to your records. In next week’s blog post we’ll outline what to look for in the team assigned to your records – and how those attributes can strengthen the case for outsourcing.

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