How do you reduce physical file volumes? Get TAB SMART!

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Any place where you find physical files, you also find a great deal of unneeded documents.

We regularly see physical records collections containing over 50 percent non-record content. These non-records include duplicates, convenience copies, and documents that have passed their required retention period.

Need help getting rid of unneeded documents?

Our TAB SMART program is perfectly designed to help you do that. TAB SMART stands for Streamline, Manage,  Access,  Retain, Toss.  It is a supervised exercise in which all of your department employees are focused on implementing the classification and retention schedule within their workspace, improving their knowledge of your records management program and helping them distinguish between record material and non-record material.

The knowledge is then used to conduct an overall cleanup of the information within their areas, removing unnecessary materials and moving actual records to the appropriate active, inactive, centralized or secure location.


The TAB SMART process is a key component of a comprehensive records and information management program.

TAB SMART helps you:

  • significantly reduce the volume of inactive or non-record materials stored onsite
  • significantly reduce the amount of material that would need to be packaged, moved, and reorganized during a move
  • reduce the volume of documents sent to expensive offsite storage facilities
  • raise the awareness level of records and information management initiatives
  • improve staff productivity by eliminating clutter and making active material easier to access

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