How to obtain buy-in for your records management program – Part 2

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In last week’s blog post we looked at best practices and tips to help you obtain corporate buy-in for your records management program.

The first batch of tips focused on obtaining senior management support. This includes demonstrating how your RM program improves the bottom line, and also how it supports larger corporate initiatives such as compliance and privacy. We also talked about a somewhat surprising form of support — corporate auditors, who often recommend the implementation of RM program best practices.

This week we offer tips for obtaining support from front-line staff and other colleagues across the organization. Honed from the experiences of some amazing records managers over the years, these best practices have helped win support for countless RM programs.

Obtaining grassroots support for RM

5. Spread the word via key people.

It’s rarely possible to reach out personally to all staff in an organization, so you might want to try a committee as a way to get the word out. When we talk about committees, we’re talking about any cross-departmental group that features leaders and other key influencers in the organization. It could be a committee specifically convened to discuss the RM program, or it could be a regular monthly managers’ meeting. Either way, the idea is to win the support of a few supportive influencers and enlist their help spreading it to the masses. In conjunction with other efforts, this helps pave the way for staff cooperation and compliance with the program.

6. Try interactive education sessions.

Unless you are lucky enough to work in a corporate utopia, staff won’t be lining up to hear all about your new RM initiative. And you can probably bet that many staff will conveniently miss seeing your emails about the program. The solution to these challenges is to take the message directly to staff via interactive sessions such as lunch and learns. By offering the enticement of a lunch, you can usually get a good turnout and focused attention as you explain the program. And the more you can encourage participation during the session, the better. When learners are active and engaged they retain more of what they heard.

7. Keep it top of mind.

Once the program is up and running, it is essential to keep the communication going in order to secure long-term compliance and cooperation with the program. To do that, you can make use of mass media such as public announcements, internal company newsletters or even office signage. To ensure that the RM message is actually received, you can mix it up with some lighter content in the form of contests or staff spotlights. As the saying goes, “a spoonful of sugar” certainly helps.

8. Get involved outside the organization.

Many records managers have found it helpful to be active and involved in the business community outside the organization. These activities could include attending conferences, speaking engagements and even networking events. There are several benefits of being active. The first is that it sends a message that you are serious about maintaining high standards, which builds confidence in the solutions you present. Another benefit is that you’ll have the opportunity to talk to many RM colleagues, learning about the latest practices and how RM is helping other organizations achieve their business goals. This information is incredibly helpful when you’re trying to build a strong case for your own RM program.

How about you? What methods do you find effective for obtaining RM buy-in? Let us know in the comments!

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