The year’s most popular records management resources so far – Part Two

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Following up last week’s post in which we highlighted the most popular records management resources so far this year, this week’s post offers even more of our top content. This week, we cover the ins and outs of metadata; discuss best practices for managing the hybrid records environment; and offer space planning tips for physical records.

White Paper: How Metadata Works with Records Management

Metadata is a hot topic in today’s records management environment and it’s no wonder given how it can provide a highly efficient way to manage and locate records. When combined with existing RM practices, metadata can greatly improve how you search for and retrieve all of your physical and electronic records.

Download our free white paper to learn more about metadata and how to get started.

SlideShare: Understanding the Hybrid Environment: An Introduction for Records Managers

Are you finding it a challenge to manage electronic and paper records in the same environment? You aren’t the only one.

While the volume of electronic records grows, one would expect the volume of paper records to decrease, but in fact, the volume of paper records is growing. This creates a serious RM challenge that we like to call the hybrid records environment. This presentation will help you learn more about this trend and some of the best practices that will help you manage the hybrid environment.

View the presentation here.

SlideShare: Space Planning in Records Management

This presentation offer best practice techniques to optimize your physical space and store more records – without expanding your footprint. We’ll discuss using functional classification, records retention schedules and inactive records storage to reduce record volumes. You’ll also learn on how to store your files more efficiently through the use of color-coding, end-tab labels and high-density mobile storage.

View the presentation here.

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