Top Records and Information Management Blogs – Part 1

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In many parts of the United States, Canada and around the world, April 2014 is Records and Information Management Month. In honor of that, TAB is publishing a four-part series on the top blogs in records and information management.

The web is full of great resources for records managers. Among these are a large number of blogs devoted to various aspects of records and information management.

At TAB, we are continually impressed by the quality and variety of discussion and insights shared by our fellow RIM professionals. Our list of the top records and information management blogs brings you the best of the best.

In part one of a four-part series, we focus on the best blogs by RM associations and analysts. These blogs offer insights and opinion from some of the leading thinkers in records management today.

Top Blog Highlight:


What’s Next for Content Management?

By John Mancini, Digital Landfill

In this post, John looks at one of the biggest business challenges of the coming decade: managing the growing volume, variety and velocity of information in the workplace. The post offers a fresh way to look at the role of records and information managers and leaves us with a few questions to ponder as we move forward.

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