How records managers can get more done in a day

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TAB records management software goes beyond standard functions, letting you manage physical and electronic records together from your desktop. What can it do for you? Here are four records management tasks made easier with TAB FusionRMS.

1. Generating labels

After signing in to the program, your personal task list will appear. One of those tasks might be creating labels for human resources or other internal departments.

On-demand color labeling technology lets you print bar code labels that make file tracking simple.

2. Locating and delivering files

Sometimes you field urgent requests for immediate access to company documents. TAB FusionRMS lets you search for any file and determine if it’s in use and, if so, by whom.

If the document is part of a larger folder, hyperlinks will show if attachments are available for viewing and sharing. You can forward active or read-only versions as needed.

3. Creating and updating folders

The software is integrated with the entire suite of Microsoft office products, so existing folders can be updated with new information by attaching documents to the online folder. Any previously included security or life cycle issues (such as retention dates) will stay intact.

4. Generating reports

Your records retention information is retained in the software. That means the program will notify you when documents become eligible for disposal. It also will produce retention reports that can be approved before disposal occurs.

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