Important technical questions to ask RM software providers

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Thinking of implementing records management software at your organization?

When comparing solutions, the task of evaluating the core features is relatively straightforward. However, evaluating the technical aspects of the software can be much more of a challenge.

Does the RM software integrate with our existing IT environment and applications? Is it compatible with our internet security framework? These are the questions that need to be answered when evaluating potential solutions.

For most records managers, this will be unfamiliar territory, but it is essential to go there. Technical issues have the potential to bring an RM software implementation to a halt, so it’s important to be sure up front that the solution you are exploring is suitable from a technical perspective.

To help you get a better handle on the suitability of potential solutions for your organization, here are the top technical questions to ask a prospective provider of records management software. After gathering this information, you can bring the responses to your IT team to review and spot any potential issues.

  • Is the solution custom-made for records management?
  • What other companies have employed the solution? For how long? Why did some of your ex-clients leave?
  • What software development platform is used in the solution? (e.g. Microsoft, Rails)
  • What database engine and version is used by the system? (e.g. Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL)
  • Which operating systems does the solution support? (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • Is the solution compatible with Microsoft Office? (Or whichever office software you are using.)
  • Which document management systems is the solution compatible with? (e.g. SharePoint)
  • Can the software be configured to match our existing business workflows?
  • Do installations or software updates require any downtime for users?
  • What technologies are used to ensure the security of the system? (e.g. Does it work with our existing Active Directory security rights?)
  • Does the system include training and support functionality or does this need to be provided by a separate support team?
  • How does the technology support growth within our organization?

It would be nice if all RM software simply “worked” in every environment, but unfortunately that’s not the case. These questions should give your IT team all the information they need to give your RM software the green light – or a red flag.

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