Reader Favorites April 2018: Our most popular RIM resources

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Our most popular resources this month cover RIM software success, records protection and recovery, and green file storage solutions. Learn about strategies to ensure your RIM software is successful, how your RIM program strategy can help your organization after a large scale disaster in a hybrid environment, and how to reduce your environmental impact through green file storage solutions.

Five strategies to ensure RIM software success

Records management software isn’t the kind of solution that can be pulled off the shelf, powered up, and put to work.

With RIM software, the real magic happens during the implementation process. This is when the software is configured and customized to meet the specific needs of your organization and business processes.

To help you plan your RIM software implementation, this white paper shares five key strategies that our clients have employed across hundreds of successful implementations.

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Guide: Disaster recovery and vital records protection in a hybrid RIM environment

Guide: Disaster recovery and vital records protection in a hybrid RIM environment

Will your records management program help your organization resume operations in the wake of a large scale disaster?

Protecting your vital records is the best way to ensure business continuity. This can be a difficult challenge in a hybrid environment that combines paper and electronic documents.

This guide outlines seven steps to help you meet that challenge.

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How to design a green file storage solution

How to design a green file storage solution

This guide provides tips and best practices for reducing your environmental impact through green filing practices. These include:

  • designing facilities and office spaces to occupy less land
  • making more efficient use of the natural resources that support manufacturing, transportation and facility operation
  • managing waste output through reuse, recycling and composting
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