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9 steps to a successful digitization project

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TAB has conducted countless successful digitization initiatives and has refined the process to ensure optimal outcomes for our clients. This infographic share nine essential steps for a successful digitization project – from the very beginning to the ongoing scanning.

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As you plan your next digitization project, you can use these steps to make sure you don’t miss anything! The infographic covers:

1. Planning

Mapping a successful project in the context of your overall digital transformation and business goals. The plan covers key details such as: the level of scanning required, any discrete data you want to extract, what will happen to documents after they have been digitized, and how you will manage ongoing scanning of documents.

2. Resourcing

Selecting the team (in-house vs. TAB), and other critical resources required for the project, such as workspaces, scanners and other equipment.

3. Pilot program and testing

Testing and honing the process with a representative subset of your overall collection.

4. Document preparation

Streamlining and purging your collections of unneeded documents. Preparing documents for scanning by removing staples, clips and sticky-notes.

5. Scanning and data capture

Capture images and discrete data as needed, onsite or offsite.

6. QA

Meticulous QA performed to your required standard.

7. Digital document upload

Loading documents and associated metadata into your electronic repository of choice.

8. Re-filling, archival storage, disposition

Return of retained files to active storage, offsite storage, or disposition where required.

9. Day-forward scanning

Ongoing scanning of newly created paper documents to help you stay digital and compliant with digital recordkeeping requirements (CGSB and others).

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