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Celebrate Success
Effective change management for your digital evolution – Part 3

Our previous posts in this three-part series discussed the importance of recognizing office culture, accountability, inclusiveness, and the potential fears of your digital evolution for effective change management. In part three we explore where to begin when implementing your pilot project, and why you should celebrate every success of your pilot project. Tip #5: You […]Read More

Change Management- Leave No One Out
Effective change management for your digital evolution – Part 2

In our last post we discussed how you can use change management techniques to challenges of office culture and accountability during a digitization initiative. In part two of this three-part post we will explore the challenges of inclusiveness and the importance of facing user fears about your digital transformation. Tip #3 – Leave no one […]Read More

Change Management - Digital Evolution
Effective change management for your digital evolution – Part 1

A digital evolution is only as effective as the people behind it. This makes effective change management a key factor in any successful digital transformation. In this three-part post we will present six change management tips to help you meet challenges that may arise during your digital evolution. Tip #1 – Know the culture No […]Read More

Project spotlight: Partnering with TAB to digitize loan documents and streamline operations

A large regional bank was looking to optimize operations by digitizing loan collections housed in three separate locations. These collections included millions of pages of loans documents for retail, mortgage, private banking and commercial clients – including complex cross-collateralized loans. Digitizing these loan documents and loading them into the FIS Vision Content system was a […]Read More

digital transformation
Lessons from the front-lines of digital transformation – Part three

In a three-part post, we have been sharing insights from our work helping organizations go digital. In parts one and two we talked about the value that digitization projects can bring to your organization, the realities of having a hybrid record environment, and questions to ask before commencing a digitization project. In our final post, […]Read More