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Questions to ask a document imaging provider – Part 2

Last week we explored some initial questions to ask a prospective document imaging provider. As we pointed out, you need to get some up-front clarity on the quote; find out who will be working on the project; and enquire about their methodologies for planning, document access and security. This week we’ll dive into more essential questions that will help ensure your partner delivers a successful imaging project.Read More

Questions to ask a document imaging provider – Part 1

Choosing a document imaging partner isn’t an easy task. Document conversions are often large, high-profile projects, which means the stakes are high and you want to be sure you get it right. Another big challenge is knowing what to look for. Different imaging providers offer different services, so how do you know what’s really important?Read More

One of America's largest retail banks
One of America’s largest retail banks re-signs with TAB to upgrade to FusionRMS v10

TAB is pleased to announce that a large American retail bank with over 2 million paper records has upgraded from TAB FusionRMS v9.3 to v10. The bank has been using FusionRMS to track several databases of servicing and custodial records throughout the organization.  Upgrading to v10 helps the bank further optimize loan management processes, specifically […]Read More

Celebrate Success
Effective change management for your digital evolution – Part 3

Our previous posts in this three-part series discussed the importance of recognizing office culture, accountability, inclusiveness, and the potential fears of your digital evolution for effective change management. In part three we explore where to begin when implementing your pilot project, and why you should celebrate every success of your pilot project. Tip #5: You […]Read More

Change Management- Leave No One Out
Effective change management for your digital evolution – Part 2

In our last post we discussed how you can use change management techniques to challenges of office culture and accountability during a digitization initiative. In part two of this three-part post we will explore the challenges of inclusiveness and the importance of facing user fears about your digital transformation. Tip #3 – Leave no one […]Read More