Best of 2016 Part 1: The Year’s Top Case Studies

To help you prepare for the challenges of the new year, we are counting down your top records management resources of 2016. In a four-part series, we are bringing you the top case studies, white papers, blog posts, videos, and guides – all chosen by your records management colleagues! To kick-start the series, we bring…Read More

RIM in Banking: How to Make Your Loan Vault More Efficient – Part 2

One of the challenges in managing a physical loans inventory is that each file requires multiple physical “touches” throughout its lifecycle. All of this manual work creates inefficiency and introduces risk. Fortunately, both of these issues are easily avoided by implementing best practices for managing loan inventories. In last week’s blog post we introduced three…Read More

RIM in Banking: How to Make Your Loan Vault More Efficient – Part 1

Loan files pose a unique challenge in the world of records management. For most types of loans, one or more paper documents must be retained as part of a loan file. Collectively, these documents can be thought of as the physical loans inventory. Over the life of the loan, multiple “touches” of these documents are…Read More

Change equals opportunity – Part 2: How to manage change

In our last blog post, we looked at the benefits of embracing change and using it as an opportunity to improve your records management program. Unfortunately, not all change initiatives go according to plan. The failure rates can be unnervingly high with projects such as document conversions and the implementation of electronic records management systems.…Read More

Change equals opportunity – Part 1

We’ve all been there. Just when you think your records management program is going relatively smoothly, a big change lands in your lap screaming, “Deal with me!!!” Whether the change originates outside the RM department, such as with corporate moves and mergers and acquisitions, or from within, such as migrating to a new records management system,…Read More