Manage risk

Incoming file collection? Here are ten things to consider during your audit.

In every merger or acquisition, part of the package includes records. Lots of them. For the manager of the acquiring organization, it is a huge task to sort through the incoming records and successfully incorporate them into your existing records management system. TAB has helped many organizations tackle this challenge. The secret to success is to take a systematic approach to the file audit.Read More

Why you need a vital records program – and how to get started

Like most organizations, your company has probably made a considerable effort to secure and back up your electronic records. But what about your organization’s vital paper records? Will critical paper documents be just as secure and available in the event of a disaster?Read More

Risk management in RM: addressing the problem of unmanaged paper documents

The organizers of ARMA 2013 did a great job bringing in thought-provoking and informative speakers this year. One of those was Larry Ponemon from the Ponemon Institute, a research group that focuses on privacy, data protection and information security policy. In his talk at ARMA, Ponemon revealed some surprising insights about the state of paper document management. Interviewing professionals in the fields of IT, records management and privacy, Ponemon learned that over half of those surveyed believed that someone else was responsible for managing paper documents.Read More

Is human error the greatest threat to your vital information?

It doesn’t matter if records are paper or electronic, housed in a filing cabinet or in a cloud, records managers worry about information security—and for good reason. Many laws and regulations hold organizations responsible for the safety of sensitive information and senior management can face fines and even jail time if they’re found to be negligent in their duty to protect. Compromised security also affects an organization’s ability to get through daily operations, to say nothing of lost client confidence.Read More