Best of TAB 2017 part 2: the top blog posts

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It is time for part two of our series on the top RIM resources of the past year, including your favorite case studies, white papers, blog posts and guides.

In this installment, we share the top three blog posts of 2017: how to save money with RIM, corporate moves, and document imaging for financial institutions.

1. Learn how to save money in records management

Cost savings is one of the most common themes in our discussions with records management colleagues. Requirements and expectations only ever grow, while budgets remain fixed and often inadequate. This post shares four resources to help you save money with your RIM program.

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2. Corporate moves: Tips for ensuring accessibility, security and continuity

A corporate move is one of a records manager’s biggest challenges. Along with the logistical aspects of the move, you also have to think about document security and the needs of the business.

To help you with that, this post shares several records management best practices for corporate moves.

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3. Six reasons why financial institutions are digitizing paper documents

Across North America, we are seeing a rise in the number of document imaging initiatives by financial institutions. In a two-part blog post we explore the main reasons for this trend.

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