Best of 2016 Part 4: The Year’s Top RM Videos

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We have arrived at the final installment of our four-part blog post on the most popular records management resources from the past year.

Over the past four posts we have shared the top white papers, records management guides and case studies.

In our final post, we are pleased to share the top records management videos of 2016, as selected by your colleagues. Our videos cover document imaging, mergers and acquisitions, and managing paper and electronic records together.

1. Reaping the Rewards of Imaging: How to Plan a Document Conversion to Avoid the Pitfalls

Document Imaging Webinar

Imaging your paper records can drive incredible efficiencies for the organization. However, around 50 percent of all document imaging projects fail. How do you get it right?

This recorded webinar offers best practices and practical steps to make your document conversion project a success.

Watch the webinar >

2. Managing Your Information Through Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures

Martin Kratz - mergers and acquisitions

Martin Kratz, a lawyer and partner with Bennett Jones LLP, talks about the importance of information assets in mergers and acquisitions, and the issues that can arise during due diligence. To verify compliance, minimize risk and identify potential deal breakers, Kratz points out that organizations need to look at: privacy law and confidentiality issues, information systems security concerns, and software license and associated data rights.

Watch the video presentation >

3. Webinar: Best Practices for Managing the Hybrid Records Management Environment

hybrid records management webinar

If you have questions about managing paper and electronic records together, watch our on-demand webinar now! You’ll learn about industry trends and best practices, what to consider when choosing tools to manage the hybrid environment, and why classification is critical to success.

Watch the webinar >

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