5 Ways to Improve your File Retrieval Efficiency

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Lost or missing files and long retrieval times are a sign of larger filing system deficiencies—and that can mean lost business opportunities and inefficient use of existing resources.

And while every situation is unique, we have discovered over time that there are some general records management best practices that will improve file retrieval efficiency at any organization. They are as follows:

TIP 1 – Using barcode technology with tracking software can greatly reduce the number of lost or missing files.

TIP 2 – Implementing and enforcing policies and procedures governing who can check in and check out files will help with location and tracking.

TIP 3 – Have a clearly defined policy identifying who is responsible for files for the duration of its lifecycle.

T IP 4 – Amalgamating your collections and repositories into a centralized filing room allows for much better file security, supervision and oversight.

TIP 5 – New RFID tag technology will allow you to track files with amazing precision, not just from last user or sign-out point, but to the actual location where the file physically resides at any given moment.

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