Why invest in custom file folders?

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Custom FoldersLooking for the best solution for keeping physical documents together? Depending on your needs, it may make sense to consider a custom file folder design.

Custom file folders often run a little more per unit compared to stock folders, but when it comes to stock folders, cheaper isn’t always less costly.  Custom file folders offer several important advantages over stock folders, including increased efficiency and reduced risk.

Compliance – When it comes to compliance, every organization has different requirements. Customized printing and labeling can help you enforce security and compliance requirements by making it clear that access permissions  and security level of the record. You can also design custom indexes so that your folders meet the retrieval components of your compliance requirements.

Workflow Efficiency – Are you handwriting notes in your folders? Using Post-its to record changes? Creating and applying labels by hand? There are almost always areas of your workflow that can be eliminated by customizing. Our consultants can look at how an organization is creating and modifying folders within the workflow, and make suggestions for areas where customization can make the process more efficient.

Special Projects – Often activities within an organization, anything from a merger or an acquisition to a corporate move or a new product release, can create special filing projects that put a strain on your existing filing resources. You may need to quickly produce a series of new, unique folders to contain a new collection.

For example after an acquisition, you may have to merge two or more different collections under one classification system, and need a whole new set of labels and folders. Whatever the challenge, there are a wide range of customization options that can help you complete these special tasks more quickly and efficiently.

Corporate Image – If corporate image and branding is important to your organization, then customizing your folders with your logo can go a long way to raising your company’s profile.

Overall, properly designed custom file folders help improve the effectiveness of your records management program by:

  • improving workflow efficiency
  • reducing file creation, filing and retrieval times
  • reducing risk of lost or misfiled information
  • increasing productivity


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