Real-world space solutions: how one organization increased storage capacity by 30%

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Filling up?

Over the years, the team at TAB has seen many admirable feats of records storage maximizing.

You know the ones. Shelves from floor to ceiling. Staff squeezing themselves along narrow aisles. Spillover files kept in boxes that cover every available square inch of floor space, hall space, etc.

Admirable space-saving solutions, but far from ideal! With no option of expanding the storage space, many file room managers simply accept the overcrowded status quo. This doesn’t have to be the case.

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How does an extra floor’s worth of storage sound?

When space is at a premium, there are almost always to make more efficient use of what you have. For organizations that are still using top-tab folders and filing cabinets, switching to side-tab folders and lateral shelves is a great first step.

Mobile shelving is an even more efficient solution, offering the ultimate in high-density storage.

One of TAB’s valued customers provides a great example of just how efficient mobile shelving can be. The Newberry Independent Research Library in Chicago houses millions of items in a collection spread across 10 floors in its historic main building.

Before working with TAB, Newberry used traditional fixed shelves to store everything from books to manuscripts to large maps.

The solution, which you can read about in detail through the link below, involved the managed installation of high-density, mechanized mobile shelves.

When the installation was complete, the library had increased its filing capacity by an incredible 30% – the equivalent of adding an entire extra floor of storage space!

A key-takeaway when storage capacity becomes an issue

The case study highlights an important factor for success: bringing in a records storage expert. TAB’s extensive experience with mobile shelving enabled Newberry to overcome the particular quirks of the physical space, and this was a big factor in maximizing the additional capacity. Without an expert involved, Newberry would not have achieved the extra 30% of space, which could have significantly altered the project ROI. Whether your space challenges would be solved by mobile shelving or another kind, an experienced partner will make sure you get all of the promised savings.

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