Six ways to optimize your physical records

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Are your physical file collections fully optimized? Our short video offers six helpful tips to optimize your physical records:

1. Classification systems

A good classification scheme is essential for organized physical and electronic records, and makes for easier filing, retrieval and archiving. Learn how to create a classification scheme based on business activities, as well as common ways of grouping records by clearly identifying all information.

2. Centralized file collections

We explain how bringing small files together into one large collection improves user efficiency, space utilization, security and legal compliance. The impact is especially profound on living records, such as contracts.

3. File tracking systems

File tracking software is the quickest, simplest and most efficient way to improve your access to information and shorten retrieval times. We also discuss the important role of barcodes.

4. Standardized folders and labels

Standardizing your file folders and labeling systems makes finding and organizing information much quicker. We show you how color recognition enhances easy file retrieval and access, and explain how leveraging folder and label costs eliminates the need for pull out drawers and can further reduce your costs.

5. Space optimization

We show you how to store more records in less space by:

  • reducing the volume of material maintained
  • storing materials more efficiently

6. Getting ready for digital

If you organize your physical files, you’ll save money and time when you move to an electronic format.

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