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Smarter storage – Part 2: Last steps before putting together your plan

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Last week we looked at the first step in planning for a smarter and more cost-effective records storage system – assessing your current and future needs. This week we explore the next two steps you want to complete before putting your plan together: taking stock of current resources and crunching numbers.

Take Stock of Your Current Resources

Here are a few key questions to ask in order to maximize your existing resources:

  • How much floor and vertical space do we have?
    Before you can start selecting filing systems you need to determine how much floor and vertical space you have available. With the growing costs of real estate your organization may be looking to use some of the current filing floor space for other activities.
  • Which of our existing storage systems can we keep?
    The good news for your budget is that you don’t necessarily have to get rid of your current system. If the units are in good working order you can certainly take advantage of any items that work with your new filing system (for example, if you are moving to side-tab folders). Most of our projects involve a mix of existing and new products. You can even convert some static units in to mobile by putting them on tracks.

Crunch the Numbers

Calculating costs and ROI is a critical step and one that the executives in your organization will be most interested in. You may not have a set budget or know what you should be spending on your storage equipment. On average, equipment accounts for only 15 percent of the cost of running a file room and that figure can be reduced by as much as 40 percent with an efficient filing storage system.

The return on investment (ROI) of your storage upgrade project is even more important than the costs. An intelligently designed filing room can:

  • reduce file room labor costs
  • increase productivity
  • reduce information retrieval time
  • enhance work flow
  • improve customer service

Putting the Plan Together

After you have assessed your current and future needs, taken stock of you current equipment and finally crunched your numbers, you will be ready to put the plan together and make your new filing system a reality.

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