TAB Records Centers Help You Manage Your Business, Not Just Your Records

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Records managers overseeing off-site files need more than just storage for those records—those records need to be actively managed in order for organizations to run smoothly. As experts with deep experience in records management, TAB Records Centers are dedicated exclusively to doing just that, offering efficient support of your daily operations with services that go beyond housing your critical files.

We develop custom solutions that enable you to control, store and access critical information.

1.0 Our Staff

Our professional records management staff are hired and trained as specialists in the storage industry. We are experts in a full range of services for all records, including oversized documents.

2.0 Our Services

We provide convenient and secure facilities where a full suite of records management services make storing files safe and affordable, such as:

  • Imaging — for different media and oversized documents. We can convert your paper files to digital versions to reduce your storage requirements.
  • Inactive collection audits — we can perform a full audit of every box, ensuring that inventory is up-to-date.
  • Customized systems — we can simplify invoicing with a custom records delivery method and schedule.
  • 24-hour access to your information — through our web portal.

3.0 Security

Self-storage environments aren’t designed to safely store files for long periods of time. Our secure facilities can protect your collections for the long term through oversight that complies with all government and industry standards.

4.0 Saving You Money

Are you renting a storage area but using only a portion of a larger space? Are you storing documents that are no longer required? We can:

  • Offer by-the-box rates so you pay only for what you store.
  • Manage destruction of your out-of-date files.

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