Tips for a Successful Corporate Move Part 2

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Last week we kicked off a three-part series on how to conduct a successful corporate move. Our first post focused on pre-move planning – how to ensure you only move what you have to. This week’s post explores three key areas to address during the move itself: accessibility, security and continuity.

1. Accessibility

Business doesn’t stop because you are moving, and you need to be prepared to give employees access to the information they might require in the course of the move. To help ensure the right level of access, begin by asking:

  • What is the likelihood of someone needing access to a file during the process of packing, shipping and unpacking the material?
  • Where such access is required, what indexing information is most important for locating specific files?

Remember, you’ll need to maintain detailed tracking data on the contents of each box, bin or other containers used in your move.

2. Security

It seems an obvious point, but ensuring the security of your files during a move is key. It isn’t just a question of ensuring that all your files arrive at the new location. They need to arrive intact and uncompromised, and this needs to be a verifiable process. To get a handle on your security situation, start by asking:

  • How confidential is the information included in the file collection?
  • What level of security should be applied during the move process to comply with privacy laws and mitigate risks to corporate information?

3. Continuity

Business continuity is critical. You want your employees to leave their desks on Friday at one location and show up Monday at the new place without missing a beat. Following best practices for file moves will help you achieve seamless continuity. These include: conducting an initial file collection analysis, using tracking software, and implementing the proper file auditing system.

Next week on the blog we wrap up our series on corporate moves with tips for improving the records management infrastructure and process in your new location.

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