Electronic records

Solving the Challenges of Records Retention in the Cloud

In a recent blog post, we looked at several important legal considerations when storing records in the cloud. These included the question of whether electronic formats would be legally accepted as records, and also the critical issue of retaining legal control over your records in a cloud scenario. The various issues to consider when looking…Read More

Replacing paper records with scanned versions? You’ll need an electronic retention program!

When planning a document conversion project, the basic details of who, how, when are vitally important to the success of your project. However, there is another important factor that an organization must consider. What about our retention requirements? Converting paper records into electronic formats raises some important legal and compliance-related questions. For example, Will the…Read More

Avoiding a Legal Storm When Storing Records in the Cloud

In the context of electronic records, cloud storage offers equal measures of potential and pitfall. Initially, the idea that your electronic records will be stored off site in a virtual environment made up of networked computers takes a bit of getting used to. Once the concept is familiar, the appeal of storing records in the…Read More

Why electronic records management implementations go off the rails

The benefits of electronic records management (ERM) are well known: more efficient storage of collections, faster retrieval times of information, better compliance, and more. For years records managers have been moving towards implementation projects to realize those benefits for their organizations, but according to Mimi Dionne, records and information management project manager and consultant/owner of…Read More

Guidelines for making the most of your electronic folder structures

To make sure operations runs smoothly, organizations are creating and relying on increasing volumes of electronic records, but when it comes to storing and accessing those documents, records managers need to carefully consider how to identify content and maintain those structures. Your folder structures need to be logical, easy for users to understand, and allow…Read More