Electronic records

Three Handy Resources for Imaging and Electronic Records Management

A few weeks back we looked a list of the Top 100 records management resources on the web, which was recently compiled by members of a UK-based RM discussion group. Following up on that, this week’s post brings you some more helpful RM resources courtesy of the experts here at TAB, who are always working hard to share their expertise with our valued customers and colleagues.Read More

Cloud records storage: solving the challenges of privacy and security

In this post, which is Part 3 of our Cloud Records Storage series, we focus on another tricky aspect of cloud records storage which is the challenges of privacy and security. Cloud privacy is receiving a lot of attention from lawmakers around the world as they introduce legislation to minimize consumer risk. Records Managers simply haven’t had to face these types of security and privacy challenges before, and unfortunately there seems to be more questions than answers. As you weigh the possibility of storing records in the cloud, there are some steps you can take to get answers, and to minimize privacy and security risks.Read More

Solving the Challenges of Records Retention in the Cloud

The various issues to consider when looking at records storage in the cloud don’t end with just the legal issues – you must also address the question of records retention. Specifically, how the cloud affects your ability to retain and dispose of records in accordance with the law and any other applicable guidelines. The cloud is simply another option for the storage of your records, and as such, the same basic retention requirements apply. This means your move to the cloud needs to be underpinned by a comprehensive and well-researched records retention policy.Read More