Six reasons why financial institutions are digitizing paper documents (Part 2)

In last week’s blog post we looked at the growing trend toward document digitization in North American financial institutions. The digitization initiatives include all kinds of documents, from client loan files to corporate HR records. Some banks are focused on imaging their legacy collections and others are focused on scanning their newly created documents. Digitization…Read More

Six reasons why financial institutions are digitizing paper documents (Part 1)

Across North America, we are seeing a rise in the number of document imaging initiatives by financial institutions. In a two-part blog post we explore the main reasons for this trend. The growing trend for digitization From loan documents, to investment files, to HR records, banks and credit unions are digitizing their paper files in…Read More

Don’t forget the physical files in a credit union merger or acquisition! (Part 1)

Mergers and acquisitions are changing the credit union landscape in Canada. The impact of these transactions goes well beyond the boardroom and branch offices, reaching into every corner of the organization – including the file room. In a two-part blog post we will explain why physical files require special attention during a merger or acquisition,…Read More

How to Successfully On-board 130,000 Acquired Loan Files

For a top-20 U.S. bank, the acquisition of two smaller banks created a huge influx of mortgage and loan files. To integrate the acquired files into its existing operations, the bank needed to undertake four steps: Review and organize the files, purging all non-records. Convert retained paper files to the bank’s standard formats for folders…Read More