Hybrid records management

Solving the top 5 hybrid records challenges

It’s harder and harder these days to find a records management environment that doesn’t combine both physical and electronic formats. Unfortunately, this “hybrid” records environment poses a number of significant challenges for records managers. In this blog post we offer tips and best practices to help you overcome the top five challenges when managing the hybrid records environment.Read More

Getting to paperlite: Insights from our recent webinar – Part Two

In last week’s blog post we shared some of the general questions that came up during our recent webinar, Getting to Paperlite. In the first round of Q&A, we learned about the importance of RIM fundamentals and talked about how to make the business case for paperlite. This week we focus on questions about the use of EDRMS software as tool for going paperlite.Read More

Getting to paperlite: Insights from our recent webinar – Part One

In our recent webinar, Getting to Paperlite, we revealed best practices, tools, and strategies that you can use to reduce the volume of paper records in your organization. During the Q&A session after the presentation, our guests asked some great questions of our expert panel. In a two-part blog post, we are sharing the highlights from this Q&A session to give you a better idea what’s involved in the move to paperlite.Read More