Reader Favorites, November 2015: Our most popular records management resources

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This month’s lineup of resources looks specifically at preparing for and managing challenging situations.

Our first guide shows the many ways that records management teams can add value to the organization during an economic downturn. These include cost savings measures and facilitating large corporate transactions.

We also offer two guides to help you plan for extreme situations such as business interruptions, accidents or other threats to your records. We look at how to establish a disaster recovery plan in the hybrid environment of paper and electronic records. We also share some practical tips to help you protect your organization’s vital records.

1. TAB Guide: How to add value during a downturn

records management during economic downturn

If your organization has been affected by an economic downturn, you could be facing budget constraints, increased regulations and potential merger or acquisition activity. This resource outlines some of the many ways that records management programs can add value to the organization during tough times.

We’ll look at how to handle:

  • The growing need to cut costs
  • Accountability and compliance requirements
  • Ensuring business continuity and managing risk.
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2. White Paper: Disaster recovery planning in the hybrid records environment

disaster recovery

Disaster recovery and the protection of vital records have become more difficult in the hybrid records environment of both paper and electronic records.

This white paper shares a seven-step action plan to help you meet that challenge. You will learn how to:

  • Handle the hybrid factor
  • Identify vital records
  • Quantify the impact of threats
  • Implement risk mitigation strategies
  • Test your recovery plan
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3. RM 101: Vital records protection

vital records protection

Business continuity and disaster recovery plans don’t guarantee the integrity of an organization’s vital records.

This resource walks you through a five-step process to ensure that your most important records are protected in the event of disaster or other business interruption.

You will learn how define and identify vital records in your collection, how to create backups, how to line up your recovery services and more.

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