Mergers & acquisitions

4 essential RIM practices to prepare for mergers and acquisitions

Records management teams have a key role to play in mergers, acquisitions and divestitures. Whether big or small, the sale of any corporate asset must be supported by accurate and complete records. These provide buyers with historical information, compliance documentation and other crucial records. Most importantly, complete and accurate records help demonstrate the full value…Read More

Mergers and acquisitions: How to evaluate the target company’s RIM program

In any merger or acquisition, you must have an accurate picture of what you are getting as part of the deal. For records and information management teams, this means having a clear understanding of the target company’s RIM program and records collections. In a two-part blog post we share a set of assessment questions that…Read More

Reader Favorites July 2017: Our Most Popular RIM Resources

Our latest roundup of popular resources includes a white paper showing you how to use a virtual data room make information accessible during an acquisition or divestiture. We also share a webinar outlining best practices for managing electronic and physical records together. Lastly, for those of you looking at a possible office relocation we bring…Read More