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How to Plan a Centralized File Collection – Part 1

One of the most common questions in records management is whether to store records in multiple locations or in a single, centralized file room. Centralizing records has many benefits, but whether it is the right move depends on your organization and the specific needs of your team. If you have explored the pros and cons and are ready to move forward with centralization, our three part blog post offers tips and techniques to make your centralization project a success.Read More

Tips for a Successful Corporate Move Part 3

This week we bring you the final post in our three-part series on corporate moves. Our first two posts provided tips on how you can plan and execute an efficient move that minimizes the impact on your employees. This week’s post focuses on the opportunity to improve your records management program when making the move. […]Read More

Tips for a Successful Corporate Move Part 2

Last week we kicked off a three-part series on how to conduct a successful corporate move. Our first post focused on pre-move planning – how to ensure you only move what you have to. This week’s post explores three key areas to address during the move itself: accessibility, security and continuity.Read More

Tips for a Successful Corporate Move Part 1

Moving corporate records to a new location can be a great opportunity and a great challenge. During the move there are many items that need to be packed up, but the files under your care can not be treated the same way as desks, chairs and other office equipment. In our next few blog posts […]Read More

Smarter storage – Part 2: Last steps before putting together your plan

Last week we looked at the first step in planning for a smarter and more cost-effective records storage system – assessing your current and future needs. This week we explore the next two steps you want to complete before putting your plan together: taking stock of current resources and crunching numbers.Read More