Physical filing

custom file folders
Transform your filing system with custom folder options

You’ve heard of transformers – now let us introduce you to the ultimate transformer folder! It has pockets, dividers, fasteners, and with triple-thick panels, it has the brute strength of pressboard. This once simple TAB file folder has transformed into a complete filing solution! While our ultimate transformer (…more commonly known as a Well File Folder) […]Read More

rolling file storage, high-density mobile shelving storage system
How to improve the efficiency of your physical records storage – Part 2

In a two-part post we have been looking at strategies to improve the efficiency of your physical records storage. In part one we assessed your organization’s current and future needs. In part two we will examine your organization’s existing resources, and discuss the factors to consider when determining what to spend on any physical storage […]Read More

TAB rolling office filing storage system
How to improve the efficiency of your physical records storage – Part 1

Could you be using you space more effectively? Are you spending too much on storage? Is your storage enhancing your workflow? Is it designed to enhance retrieval time and speed information access? With filing systems taking up 20 percent of office space on average, the volume of paper records increasing every year, and the cost of real estate square footage rising almost everywhere, these are questions records and facilities managers need to be asking themselves.Read More

How to assess your physical filing practices and identify any issues

Is it possible that you’re not managing your organizations records, but rather they are managing you? If panicked “All-Office” emails are common or if people are regularly searching for critical files after the information was needed, the answer may be yes. The following questions are designed to help diagnose how your organization uses and stores information.Read More