Save money

Three ways your RIM program can do more for the bottom line

In the minds of our corporate colleagues, records management isn’t always associated with hard-dollar business outcomes. Despite a growing understanding of the valuable contributions made by records management teams, our colleagues still don’t immediately think, “Wow, those RIM folks saved us a ton of money last year!”, Or, “Thanks to the RIM department we totally […]Read More

Physical records: how to free up space and reduce storage costs – Part 2

In last week’s blog post we looked at how a program of records retention and destruction can significantly reduce the volume of paper documents. The program involves purging non-records, establishing retention schedules and following through with the documented destruction of records that have passed their retention periods. This week we outline several filing and storage practices that can free up additional space and save even further on the cost of storing physical records.Read More

Why uncertain economic times are a great time to promote your RM program

We live in uncertain economic times, and as organizations rethink spending priorities, some records management professionals worry about their ability to maintain program resources and continue adding value for their organizations. The good news is that whatever the financial weather, a solid records management program helps organizations meet accountability and compliance requirements; it can save organizations money; and it can help manage risk while ensuring business continuity.Read More